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" straight-edge " 1) Dude, that's some wack xxx!

2) Dude, my favorite number.

3) Dude, I bowled a XXX!

4) Dude, I hate that movie, xXx!

5) Dude, he doesn't do drugs, he's XXX!

By, ryan, may 03, 2004, aug 18 Word of the Day enby, pronounced (EHN-bee).

Based off of the shortening of " non-binary.B.

A term used by the non-binary/ genderqueer community as an alternative to girl/boy.

Are they a girl or a boy?

Neither, they're an enby!

By kyej, november 01, 2013 xxx kiss-kiss-kiss.

E.g at the end of a letter or email.

I once received this e-mail from a posh girl's school: "An e-mail addressed to you has been blocked by 'PornControl due to its obscene content.

The offending content was 'xxx'." It turned out that my friend had signed off with, "See you soon, Jenny.

Xxx" (a) 'PornControl' (not its real name) was set not to protect the girls from the wicked outside world, but to protect the outside world from the obscene girls.

(b) If it detected an obscenity in an e-mail, it kept the e-mail and just sent the obscenity.

(c) There's nothing wrong with typing 'xxx' Don't ya just love it?

By nit-pick February 09, 2004 XXX 1) A rating for a pornographic movie.

2) When followed by an L, a size of clothing.

3) The number 30 in Roman numerals.
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