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Beem tube
could be more practical than incorporating a hearing aid or two into eyeglasses?

The first eyeglass model was introduced in the United States in 1954.

By 1959, they accounted for approximately 50 of the market.

In 1952, the hearing aid was the first commercially made product to employ the transistor.

The transistor radio was not available to the public until 1954.

Courtesy of Beltone Electronics Corporation, reprinted with permission from Arnoud Beem.

Beltone Classic, 1960, danavox Royal, 1960, beltone introduced their first eyeglass aid in September 1955, the ;Hear-N-See model.

The Classic was introduced in 1960 and came with from three to five transistors.

Danavox first introduced an eyeglass hearing aid in 1955, the Lunettes (Model 559).

The Model 600 Royal debuted in 1960.

Sonotone Model 400, 1957.

This was Sonotones first eyeglass hearing aid model.

It featured four transistors and automatic gain control (AGC).
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