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Rule 34 dragon ball

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Rule 34 dragon ball
on dvd format in order to know which episodes fall under season 3 and onward.

I am also following the guideline, not exceeding 10"s per episode as this is the wik" policy.

Zarbon 01:51, (UTC wik" policy is to avoid copyright violations.

Keeping"s down to 3-5 per episode is our usually"d rule of thumb to attempt to do this, because there can be no formal number (except zero) to ensure no copyright violation.

Zarbon mispresents Wik" policy here by treating an offhand comment about maximum"s in rare circumstances (more often suggested as "8 as an acceptable level for a single person to add to each episode.

Please read the detailed discussion ".

Example trimming: The New Threat " below for why a number like "10"s per episode" is far from acceptable.
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