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Brazzers in gym

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Brazzers in gym
groups dedicated to Gymboree clothing.

You know you're a Gymboholic when you have bought the same item twice, b/c it was a good deal, but forgot you already had that piece in the storage bin.

By, kari, may 06, 2005, aug 18 Word of the Day enby, pronounced (EHN-bee).

Based off of the shortening of " non-binary.B.

A term used by the non-binary/ genderqueer community as an alternative to girl/boy.

Are they a girl or a boy?

Neither, they're an enby!

By kyej, november 01, 2013, gymboholic, they also look for it on TV, in magazines and on other children wearing.

They identify lines from the current to the vintage, naming them in their heads and remember when their small child wore that outfit or one similar.

They buy up to 3 years ahead "because it's so cute!".

You know you're a Gymboholic when you do not like a line initially but then, after seeing it on other children, you buy 2/3 of the entire line including all the accessories.

By DangerLeigh May 08, 2005.
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