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Real moms and sons

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Real moms and sons

Recommended by Nicole Cliffe in, slate, featured.

People, picks, a Red Tricycle, best Baby and Toddler Parenting Book of the Year.

One of, mother magazine's favorite parenting books of the Year.

How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids tackles the last taboo subject of parenthood: the startling, white-hot fury that new (and not-so-new) mothers often have for their mates.

After Jancee Dunn had her baby, she found that she was doing virtually all the household chores, even though she and her husband worked equal hours.

She asked herself: How did I become the 'expert' at changing a diaper?

Many expectant parents spend weeks researching the best crib or safest car seat, but spend little if any time thinking about the titanic impact the baby will have on their marriage - and the way their marriage will affect their child.

Enter Dunn, her well-meaning but blithely unhelpful husband, their daughter, and her boisterous extended family, who show us the ways in which outmoded family patterns and traditions thwart the overworked, overloaded parents of today.

On the brink of marital Armageddon, Dunn plunges into the latest relationship research, solicits the counsel of the country's most renowned couples' and sex therapists, canvasses fellow parents, and even consults an FBI hostage negotiator on how to effectively contain an "explosive.

As they discover, adding a demanding new person to your relationship means you have to reevaluate - and rebuild - your marriage.

In an exhilarating twist, they work together to save the day, happily returning to the kind of peaceful life they previously thought was the sole province of couples without children.

Part memoir, part self-help book with actionable and achievable advice, How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids is an eye-opening look at how the man who got you into this position in this first place is the ally you didn't know you had.

I've been sharing some of the best parenting"s on my facebook page from time to time (my favorites anyway) and they are often the most popular and re-shared items on my page.

So today I wanted to gather them here for reference and easy accessibility-both for you and for.

Note: I have a post of the best mother"s (here's the second one) and one of father"s as well.
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